Taught some girls at school about how doing Indian face paint and donning head dresses for a performance is racist and wrong. They didn’t understand.

I don’t hate any race of people, and it pains me to wake up to other young people being misled to believe I do. I am for unity and equality.

Iggy Azalea

Me chief, you Indian. I speak, you listen.” - Iggy Azalea

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whose dick do i have to suck to suck a dick around here

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Fine art reimagined for the selfie era

Art is a reflection of its era. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that, in the age of apps and emojis, Ukrainian artist Nastya Nudnik is using the vocabulary of social media to rebrand familiar images for a digital world. 

Her collection, Emoji-nation, reimagines some of art history’s most celebrated works by adding symbols from our e-world — a move that challenges our conceptions of “traditional” art and makes museum masterpieces accessible to a wider audience. Nudnik’s four-part series doesn’t concentrate on a specific time period; it covers everything from Michelangelo to Degas to Magritte. However, for a 21st-century viewer, perhaps her most successful and moving interpretations are based on realist paintings by 20th-century American artist, Edward Hopper.

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when that one person you hate in your class speaks



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what the fuck

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when someone gives you directions but you go the wrong way


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